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We can connect to your computer remo trained professional technicitely, giving you access to our technicians within minutes, not hours or days. Once you have granted permission to our technician to take over your PC, we will be able to fix everything as if we were sitting in front of your computer. Remote support allows us to view your computer screen and control your mouse and keyboard to securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet. You can even watch your screen and learn what we do as ourans quickly fix your problem.
How does it work ?  

• First, we need to talk, so call me now on 99471797 or 99370560
• Our team will schedule a time that we are both free to make the Remote Repair.
• Within a few minutes, we can be remote controlling your pc.
• In order to proceed you must have an internet connection and to download the following software in your pc.
• We will guide you with the installation of the software.
• As seen in the picture to the left, it generates an ID and a password which you need to give me. Thats it ! then I can connect to your pc. The auto-generated password changes every time you run the software so no unauthorized access can be gained by me or anyone else.


Download the Application

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